How can we make sure that ICT is encouraging higher order thinking rather than just being 'busy work'
  • Have a definite purpose in mind for using ICT
  • Integrate with other subjects
  • tell children what the outcome will be of the session and get them to figure out which tool to use to get there.
  • Include activities that encourage processing skills, problem solving, questioning, creativity.
  • As a school plan different skills for each year group.
  • Model the task.
  • Plan for some time to do the "how to" so they can spend the bulk of the time on the activity rather than being lost and unsure.
  • Use tasks that align with thinking tools such as Habits of the Mind or Thinkers Keys
  • Have clear learning intentions for the task.
Just in time versus just in case - how much time should be spent on skills? Can this always be done in context? How can you plan for ICT to address this?

  • Enough skill base so that they can use the skills in a practical scenario
  • Can't always do this in context
  • Needs to be taught just before it is needed for an authentic activity or it is forgotten.
  • If they are in context, they become more concrete for the children. They can see 'why' they need to know it.
  • Things like keyboarding can be taught 'just in case' as it is a skill needed across a wide range of ICT applications.
  • Some skills have a logical sequence and may need to be taught first so that you can continue building on skill base.
Managing computers - in the classroom with one or a few computers.

  • Timetable - individual/ pairs
  • Use learning logs and cycle through children so all have a turn.
  • Use it for publishing work.
  • Use a data projector for presenting and to model.
  • In an ideal world, every student would have one each!!!
  • Have children own their own flash drives to move files.
Managing a pod/suite
  • Have one group in the class using the pod while other children do other activities.
  • Have children paired/ grouped within class using pod as a whole class
  • Make sure that classes have shared areas to save work to and that these are set up well beforehand and all children know how to get to these.
  • Check beforehand that the equipment is all there (cables etc) and available to use (eg charged!)