external image bear.gifBear Email Project
The class bear disappeared from the classroom and the children ended up writing to him using email. The site has a downloadable planning sheet and planner.

ICT Applications in Literacy
This has a large number of ideas on how to incorporate ICT into literacy organised by objectives and strand.

NGfL Literacy Ideas
Almost all of the ideas in this list have an ICT component (where the bear email project came from)

Digital Photo Alphabet
external image 362225693_c4e3565437_t.jpgDigital photos of alphabet letters in the environment. The children were in groups and had to find 8 letters and one person was responsible for taking the photo from each group. The children worked really well co-operatively and then the next sessions another person became the camera person who was tutored by the previous person. The children asked each for help and could explain clearly how to use the camera to each other. Was also great co-operation. There is a group on Flickr with alphabet photos in the environment.

Kidpix to Illustrate Stories
external image SHP2.jpgThe children were required to illustrate their stories using Kidpix. They were required to use only the draw tools so that they created every part of their drawing freehand. This was really successful because it was all about their creation and stories. They were totally engaged, able to problem solve with their peers and excited to see the finished result of their work.

Scanning in Texts for Shared Reading
I have easy access to a scanner so decided to scan my weekly shared texts and use the projector for shared reading. The children responded really well to this and as a result, narrative writing improved a lot (also created an excel doc ) Suzie's Tip: If you scan using the scan to text function, you can easily create activities using the text for the children to complete without having to hand type it all in.

VoiceThread for Spelling/ Phonics
I made this VoiceThread as a sample idea (don't tell LetterLand!)

Here are some more VoiceThread Ideas (small versions to take up less space).

Writing Blog
This blog is by Year 2 class. The kids write on the blog during class time and add comments on each others writing. Here is a quote from their teacher's blog:
"I am really excited about the success of my class writing blog already this year! Some children are still learning to log in (the username is quite long which makes things tricky) but all the children love writing on the blog. Don't you love it when you announce what activity a group is on and you hear that 'yes' hiss coming from the kids.

Anyway, I am even more impressed with the quality of comments coming from the children about the writing their peers have done on the blog. Last year when I introduced blogging and commenting I had the low level 'well done' or 'good story' most of the time. I had to model commenting and make a big deal out of any comments of substance. Over time the children's commenting then improved.

Well this year the children are leaving much more meaty comments where it is obvious they have read the post they have commented on. In teacher speak they are commenting on the 'deeper meaning'. Furthermore they are so keen on commenting that I have just logged on to find 22 comments waiting to be moderated - this is since school ended today so that is 22 comments that have been left from children working from home after school!
I have been making a big deal of moderating the comments with the class on the smartboard each day - we will be there forever moderating tomorrow! ;-)

Last year introducing these new routines - blogs, delicious links, Mathletics, using the smartboard on the taskboard were such a big deal for me. They took lots of energy and constant modelling with the class. This year they are just falling into place. It shows what a bit of experience does! What took a whole year last year is taking only a term.... I am looking forward to the next challenge to take the kids to the next level this year! David and I will have to start nutting that one out soon...

Kidspiration/ Inspiration Literacy Ideas

I have taken these examples from the Inspiration/ Kidspiration website where there are many more in all curriculum areas.
external image BeginningSounds_PV_sm.gifexternal image rhyming_both.gif

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