Karen - Waterloo

This is your space to put your goals for the use of ICT in teaching and learning. You can give everyone updates on how you are going throughout the year. At the end of the year, you can upload a short presentation showing the results of your work to this page. Have fun with this space!

Hiya, I'm Karen from Waterloo. I am looking forward to starting my NE class in Term 2, I am presently released to work on management projects...
This year I am interested in finding out about digital portfolios for collating and assessing children's work samples. I am on the look out for examples/templates of Junior School portfolios.
I am also keen to learn about pod casting especially for letting children hear what their reading sounds like...
Look forward to hearning your stories K

Hi Karen,
I've started a page on digital portfolios on my wiki which you can access here.
The San Antonio podcast we listened to at the meeting is at the following address:
http://sanantonio.podcastpeople.com/ You should also check out the Point England book review podcasts. There are a lot of podcasting resources on my wiki.

I loved the digital portfolio outline that you showed me the other day - Suzie
24/4 Hi again - just wondered how your digital portfolio project is going. It would be great if you could put an update here :)

Have just started up NE class so setting up portfolios, got given a camera so have been taking heaps of photos. Starting slowly but surely.

2nd July
Parents have been introduced to portfolios at Parent /teacher interviews. Positive comments about presentation and content. While set up has been quite time consuming the updating should be much easier. Have printed out a paper copy which parents took home to share and they will bring them back. I have enjoyed creating these portfolios as I have spent more tme with individuals recording their comments, taking photos etc. Might even have to introduce sound next!!!

Hey any chance we could see a copy of one of the portfolio templates here? It is difficult to envisage what they look like. Nigel@Korokoro