This is your space to put your goals for the use of ICT in teaching and learning. You can give everyone updates on how you are going throughout the year. At the end of the year, you can upload a short presentation showing the results of your work to this page. Have fun with this space!

Hello there. I have a Year 2 class of 22 children. I enjoy literacy and numeracy and am hoping to incorporate the use of computer games or resources into my rotation activities. I'm thinking about having three laptops with two children on each during reading and maths time perhaps on a week about (if it gets too much at first) where the children complete games from, rainforest maths etc. I will add these games to a hyperlink page that hopefully will be stored on the desktop for children to access. We'll see.....

sparklebox This is a fantastic site that has amazing resources for the classroom that will save you loads of time. Even if you buy the ones that aren't free the exchange rate means they are less than $5. WONDERFUL!

24/4 Hi Karen - thanks for the Sparklebox tip - I've added it to all the year group wiki spaces. They have a version of the site with resources for teaching older children as well.
How is your plan of incorporating learning games going in your classroom programme? It would be great to have an update. - Suzie

12/5 Update on what we covered in session.

Action Research Question
How can digital games for learning high frequency words improve the spelling results of a low ability group.

Identify target group of children through Spelling Rocket and Word Power tests.
Locate suitable high frequency word games from the internet and add links to them as a Link List on the class blog.
Timetable the use of the classroom computers allowing higher levels of access for target children in times such as silent reading.
Administer an attitudinal survey (interview or happy face sheet)
Begin programme by Week 5 of the term and run to the end of the term.
Test again at the end of the term (with Spelling Rocket and Word Power that you are doing anyway and repeat attitudinal)
Report results to syndicate by middle of term three.
Publish powerpoint summaries to wiki before year group meeting in Term Four.

Hi Karen. I know you are bed bound at the mo...prefect time to update your wiki!?! How did you enjoy the Expo this year? what was the highlight for you? Stu