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HI I have been teaching at Sacred Heart Petone for four years. It is a TREMENDOUS school, the children are amazing!
I struggle with I.C.T to be honest! Onieka our lead I.C.T teacher takes my class for I.C.T and I take hers for R.E.
We got a server last year which is very exciting, though there are still hiccups with it! We are using Etap this year, which will hopefully save us loads of time with data etc.
I would hope that the children in my class get equal access to computers etc in my class. not all of our children have computers at home, so they see computers as a real treat! I have struggled with implementing I.C.T into my existing programme as I find it hard to trouble shoot and teach at the same time!
My goal is to provide enriching I.C.T activities that support what I am teaching.

I feel like I have made quite a bit of progress in using my laptop over the last two years. I definately use more internet based resources in my planning etc.

21/4 Hi Jenny. You are not alone in finding the management of ICT to be a big hurdle. I also struggled with this at times in my classroom when I was teaching. I hope the brainstorm that we did in the afternoon helped you to identify some strategies. I have made a summary of these discussions from all the year group meetings that might be helpful. Troubleshooting while teaching is difficult. The way I tried to manage this was to teach the whole class what was expected first with the data projector getting kids up to have a go while teaching. Then I identified some key kids that would be the first port of call for children that got stuck on the computer and gave them some extra training if needed in a play time. I also made some visual instructions to have by the computer to further support children. I told the children that they had to 'C3 B4 Me' and could then only interrupt me if I wasn't working with other children. If hey'd asked three computer monitors with no success I was busy then they had to get off and do other work until I was free (but stick up a 'computer help' visual on the whiteboard so that I knew there was a problem).

Great to hear that you have made a lot of progress on your teacher laptop - making your life easier as a teacher is one of the reasons to use ICT :-)