This is your space to put your goals for the use of ICT in teaching and learning. You can give everyone updates on how you are going throughout the year. At the end of the year, you can upload a short presentation showing the results of your work to this page. Have fun with this space!

Hi, I'm Janice and I teach a year 2 class at Waterloo School.

We have set an objective as a syndicate, for the children and teachers to learn and use photostory as a creative tool.
I also want to use the data projector in the classroom to guide the whole class through online maths and reading games which they can then independently use as part of "roundabout" activities.

I'll let you know how we go.
Cheers, Janice.

21/4 Hi Janice. It has been great to work with you and your class on PhotoStory 3. It was good to see that you had already begun the process with your children before I arrived to take the session at school. It would be great if you could put an update on this wiki page to say how it went for you. I have a page about PhotoStory 3 on my wiki which might also prove useful to you. I see that you also want to work on introducing online games to maths and reading time. How has this gone? Have you learned any lessons about management that you could pass on? Keep up the great work :-)

5/8 Gidday!

Management of ICT is an ongoing challenge. I usually have one table group using the computers each day - for literacy and numeracy times.
I didn't get all groups through the Photostory process, but we used the data projector and one group talked the class through what they had done and how. I got to the point I thought it was taking too long to get through the process with everyone. I felt we were concentrating too much on learning the product rather than the process. So that's why we stopped and went onto something new.

After the expo, I am very keen to try Powerpoint to animate a short story with at least one group. It might be a foot in the door for those reluctant story tellers. We could turn it into a book as well. Let you know how it went.