This is where I will post a summary of ideas suitable for juniors that were written about in the surveys. Teachers can also add more ideas that they know work well with the age group.

Sara Taylor' Videos
Rachel Boyd's Videos
Whakarongo New Entrant Class videos
Fantastic Blog of An Inspirational New Entrant Teacher
Having watched a workshop by this woman showing the 'blue screening' she does in her new entrant classroom, I can highly recommend this blog where she publishes all her digital content. The kids do it all from taking the pictures, loading the pictures into the computer and inserting into Keynote to do the blue screening.

Full stops, capitals, and spaces lesson.
Teaching and Learning Using ICT - case studies with accompanying lesson plans
Healthy Lunch Flickr Pic - Year One Point England.
Case study of using Dangle video with class for writing
Making Graphs about Toys - With a year One Class
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