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Here we can share great internet links suitable for juniors.
Digistore - TKI
Access the digital learning objects here. There are very little literacy activities at the junior level.
NZ maths learning objects portal
Maths learning objects from the Digistore in an easy to find format.
Link to the ARBS website
Places to locate ready made assessment materials in English, Maths and Science.
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NEMP Project
Tasks designed for testing NZ children during NEMP are then made available here to use in classrooms
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ICT Games
A huge number of interactive learning objects.
Public Domain Images New
Copyright friendly - public domain images, free for any private or commercial use, credit or back link is not required.
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BBC Bitesize KS1
Numeracy and Literacy activities aimed at younger primary children.
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Up to 10
A website with a huge number of games and activities. You can get access to the full site if you register as a teacher (you have to pay otherwise).
Woodlands Interactives for Children
This school site has collected interactive activities from around the web and catergorised them for you.
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Under 5's
While designed for pre-schoolers, there are a large number of printables that could be useful in a junior classroom.
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Coxhoe Durham School Website Links
Excellent resource with a huge number of activities linked to. Click on a curriculum area to see the links. KS1 is for up to 7 year olds. KS2 is for 7 to 11 year olds.
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CrickWorld - Early Years
Simple activites that can be completed on a dataprojector or on classroom computers. There is also a KS1 section
(up to Yr 2)
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Little Animals Activity Centre
Each animal character links to a different type of activity. Another high quality site from the BBC for 4 to 8 year olds.
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The site for younger children from the BBC. A lot of online stories, songs and activities.
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Birmingham Grid for Learning - Foundation Stage
A number of high quality games to play organised under six headings such as Communication and Lanuguage and Literacy
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Sesame Street Workshop New
Games and activities on letters, counting, sorting, and shapes.
The Mouse Club
Fun games and activities to both build mouse control and build literacy skills.
Learning Games from Kent NGfl
These games feel very similar to the ICT games website - a large number of literacy and numeracy resources.
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Seussville University
Printable and online maths, reading, reasoning and science activities based around Dr Seuss.
Kindersay Pre-School Site
A very attractive site with easy to use online flashcard type resources that include an image and a video of someone saying the letter or word.
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You have to register (for free) to use this site. It has games, songs and stories indexed from other sites for children up to six years old.
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Adrian Bruce
This is the site of an internationally recognised Australian teacher who has made a huge amount of resources available for you to use.
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Special Needs Links
Links for working with ESOL, specific special needs and gifted children from
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A website with games, online stories, music activities and printables for young children.
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Kids Only
A number of simple online activities such as stories and drawing.
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Guess My Number
You are given clues in order to figure out numbers. eg You add 2 to me and you get 50. Guess my number.
Rainforest Maths
Great interactive activities organised into year levels.
Maths is Fun
Both online activities and printable worksheets for the classroom.
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Count Us In
Simple games to help develop basic number knowledge.
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Number Time
From the BBC, activities with 'Addem' the snake as he learns about early numeracy skills.
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Placevalue Charts
Practice different making different numbers by expanding out numbers.
The Story of the Numbers to 9
Each of these has a series of animations where a character encounters numerous examples of the target number.
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An awesome reading website with interactive stories with audio support if required. There are also worksheets available to download.
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The Magic Key
Another BBC site for developing literacy skills for 5 to 7 year olds.
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Another great reading site with guided interactive stories, activities and printouts.
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Roy, Tale of a Singing Zebra
This site has interactive stories and games for emergent readers and printable worksheets.
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Game Goo
Interactive games to develop Early Literacy Skills.
Stories from the Web
Designed for 7-11 yr olds. Read stories and poems online and do other literacy related activities.
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The Story Place
An excellent site site with online stories and activities at both pre-school and elementary levels.
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Book Pop
Read stories on the web. There are links to audio stories, music and colouring-in books to download.
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Children's Poetry Archive
A very well presented site with a large bank of poems. There is also some information about poets.
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Words and Pictures
Yet another BBC site with excellent activities to learn about letter sounds and high frequency words.
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ABC handwriting and letter sound object
This helps kids to learn letter sounds and see visually how to correctly form letters.
Phonics Fishing Game
Help Garfield keep the objects he finds while fishing by dragging the correct initial sound or final sound in place.
Woodlands School Literacy Activities
Again there are a huge number of resources in this section.
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Get Ready to Read
A website with screening tools for pre-schoolers to check for reading readiness as well as some online activities and printable resources.
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Read Write Think Word Family Sort
Drag the words for each short vowel sound into the correct column in the word family chart.
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Read Write Think Word Build and Bank
Choose a word ending and then try and choose as many initial sounds as you can for that ending that will make a real word.
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Read Write Think Picture Match
Children are shown a picture and have to choose the correct starting letter.
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Between the Lions
A site with quality online games, stories, and other resources including printables in the Parent and Teacher section.
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Looky Book
This site allows you to look through picture books from cover to cover. The idea is that this gives potential buyers confidence but it would also be useful in a classroom.
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Suzie's Links
There are many links for a wide variety of subjects on my website.
Dole Superkids
A host of great activities and games to teach children about eating fruit and vegetables.
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Sen Teacher Printables
Make your own customised printable resources for use in your classroom in almost any situation.
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Primary Resources
A huge number of printable resources posted by teachers as well as powerpoints and other resources on different topics.
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Crayola Certificates
Make gorgeous looking certificates to print. You need to sign up (for free) to make them.
Instant Display Teaching Resources
These are freebie downloads of various displays to print and use in the classroom. On the right, there are pages of other display sets which cost two English pounds each and could save you hours.
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Sparkle Box
A UK site with a large number of attractive displays for you to download and print. Some are free and some you need to pay for.
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Education World - Worksheet Library
A huge bank of worksheets for you to download and print for free.
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A HUGE number of printable worksheets and resources based around the alphabet. See also the NumberBuddies site.
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Enchanted Learning
You need to pay to get access to all the materials but there is still a lot in here for free.
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Carl's Corner
An ex reading advisor has shared a huge bank of printable resources through this website.
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A search engine that will lead you to only high quality educational resources.
The links on this page are just a starting selection taken mostly from my website. There is a lot more in here -
come and check it out.
A HUGE list of topics with internet links provided for each one. You're bound to find something useful this way.

My wiki contains information on digital tools that are available for your computer or online tools. There are tutorials, integration ideas and other resources for the tools. The links below are a sample of the large number of resources on the wiki.
external image kidpix3_box.jpegKidpix
A large range of ideas and resources.
Resources include a 'bad' powerpoint eg to prompt discussion
external image wiki.gifWikis
Learn how to make a similar site to this one for your own class and see egs from other classes.
external image nikon_d50_digital_camera_kit_7_1870mm_black_1686.jpgDigital Photography
Learn how to take good photos.