it has been a while since I have taught in the Junior School, but I am back with Year 1's this year at Muritai School. I am passionate about teaching Literacy and am really keen to integrate ICT into my Literacy programme this year.
I am hoping to teach my kids some ICT skills so that they feel confident when using ICT in the classroom. Basics like saving a document to file and being able to open it without teacher assistance.
My focus for this year is to come up with ways to manage 22 children during ICT. I have some ideas, but would love to hear of any others you may have!
Looking forward to updating this with all the success that I am hoping for this year.


Umbrella question for the team is:
How can we use ICT to enhance the phonetic knowledge of children?
By using… (each class to have different programme/resource and look further into this specifically)

Thanks for meeting with us today! It was great to get something a bit more concrete sorted!
I like the idea of using iweb, so may 'book' you for that!!!!

Hi Suzie,
Just having a look at the work you did with voicethread - NICE!!! will have to talk to you about this and get myself sorted.
Only a week (and a bit) to go!!!


21/4 Hi Ginnie! Great to see you making good use of this space as an ongoing diary of your project. Glad you liked the VoiceThread example. I have a page of instructions on how to use VoiceThread on my wiki that you might find useful in the meantime. I am going to embed the example VoiceThread here as well so others know what we are talking about. I have also put a page about action research onto Teacher Portal with a break down of the action research process and a blank template in Powerpoint that you could use to write it up at the end.

Last term seemed to whizz by. The Action Research was started with a voicethread idea and the class loved using this toll to assess their work (see blog) but I got a bit lost in terms of how to assess this and use it for my research questiosn of How can we use ICT to enhance the phonetic knowledge of children?
Am thinking now that I will use the Letterland resources (Mac activities) and the letterland assessment that I have completed for this term to assist the learning of initial sounds for a small group of boys in my class.

Have been using the Letterland resources in class, focusing on a small cohort of children. Am already seeing a noticeable difference in their ability to sound out words and find common rimes in words to assist them in reading and writing.
Great - looking forward to assessing them at the end to see how this resource has improved their learning.