This is your space to put your goals for the use of ICT in teaching and learning. You can give everyone updates on how you are going throughout the year. At the end of the year, you can upload a short presentation showing the results of your work to this page. Have fun with this space!

My wish is to be able to access more Maaori programmes through ICT for not only Junior school but Middle and Senior.

21/4 Hi Crystal, Have you seen my list of Maori links of Suzie's Links?Click here to access it. You might find some great resources that you were unaware of. There is also a great project idea with children doing their mihi in an electronic form. You could do a similar idea with VoiceThread where children record their mihi around pictures of their mountain, river etc.
Kia ora Suzie..I have had a look through the Maaori links you have provided unfortunately they don't really help in any way but thank you for trying. I did like the mihi in a eletronic form i thought that was a different way of doing a Mihi.

What have you found on the web that has allowed your kids to access the maori curriculum? Check out Mark's page on mihi's if that is any help (he teaches at my school)

Kia ora ano, just updating my page - I teach year 2/3 tamariki in total immersion and what i am really looking for is maori programmes in Te Reo that my tamariki can do independently without me having to read the english to them all the time. Koira taku tino hiahia! I have come across the tki sites and things on there that are in te reo which are really awesome. Thank you to Nigel for Marks mihi page i think it is very well done in terms of Mainstream education and will pass that on to our whanaunga in the school but just not what i am looking for as my tamariki do mihimihi all the time and know why we do mihimihi etc.

2nd term mahi - I te wahanga tuarua ko te tinana to matou kaupapa. I te korero nga tamariki ki runga i te rorohiko mo te ICT (voicethread). I korero ratou e pa ana ki nga mea e ako ana ratou mo te tinana. E toru nga roopu - ko te roopu manawa, te roopu pukakahu me te roopu koiwi. Ki etahi he pai te rongo i ta ratou reo ki runga i te rorohiko, a, ki te nuinga kaore he pai tenei mahi.

I haere hoki matou ki runga i te ipurangi ki etahi o nga website hei awhi i nga tamariki mo ta ratou kaupapa.

3rd term - Blogs
Kaore he pai nga blogs ki au. He MOUMOU wa tenei ki au!!!!!!! He hoha, a, he nui te mahi na te mea he paku aku tamariki kia mahi ko ratou anake. No reira ki au nei he mahi ki runga i nga mahi tenei mea te blogs. Ko te mea pai ake mo tenei - kia tirotiro nga matua (mena he rorohiko/ ipurangi ta ratou) ki runga tenei mea he kite te mahi o nga tamariki.

In english - I find blogging really annoying and a waste of time!! For starters the blogging pages are boring, I find that we are adding work ontop of work - so its like an extra hassle this is because my children are very young and running this blog thing independently would be a nightmare. The one good thing about blogging is that parents can go and look at the things their children have been learning and doing at school (well thats if they have the computer and have the internet).

Kia ora Whaea Crystal
Just wanted to tell you that I've thoroughly enjoyed reading about what our tamariki have been working on - through their blogs on the PCS website! He tino pai nga blogs ki a au! Thanks for all your hard work in making this part of our children's learning.
Na Meegan (a parent of PCS children)