This is your space to put your goals for the use of ICT in teaching and learning. You can give everyone updates on how you are going throughout the year. At the end of the year, you can upload a short presentation showing the results of your work to this page. Have fun with this space!

To make more use of the data projector when using the laptops in my classroom.
To make use of microsoft word as a focus for the childrens learning.

21/4 Hi Christine! Thanks for adding to this wiki. It is great to see that you are already moving to action some of your goals. It is a good idea to team up with another teacher to do the whole class teaching sessions with the data projector. I think that the structured introduction of Kidpix into your classroom that we worked on will also be really good at the new entrant level. You can get another copy of the steps we talked about at this internet site. I think it is a good idea to focus on Kidpix at first rather than Microsoft Word as you originally talked about above.

8th July 2008
During Term 1 and 2 children have been working on mouse skills using Kidpix. They have made quilts using the pencil tools to make both vertical and horizontal lines using the colour black and selecting patterns and colours to fill in between the spaces with a pint bucket. The children also use the computer daily to support their litearcy learning with alaphabet letter sound knowledge using the starfall website. During Term 3 the children will use Kidpix for colouring in to continue to develop mouse control.
I very much enjoyed the ICT expo day and was inspired by Rachel Boyd's experiences with her Year 1 class.

The Kidpix stuff sounds great -they use it extensively at Pt England School in Auckland- they call it Mother Tongue- because it build up the basic computer skills so well.Maybe you could investigate slideshows next?
Thank you Nigel.

24th August 2008
The workshop Say it with Flowers at the IT expo has inspired me to use Paint with an alphabet focus where the children draw a picture to match letter blend name sound of the week. I was also inspired by Mark Treadwell's message and agree with him on the importance of oral language and to teach the children how to think. I am working through the individual tasks using Microsoft Word. This has enabled me to use Word with improved confidence when creating documents and response sheets for my classroom teaching and learning. It has also helped with preparing parent newsletters with the inclusion of Clipart.