This is your space to put your goals for the use of ICT in teaching and learning. You can give everyone updates on how you are going throughout the year. At the end of the year, you can upload a short presentation showing the results of your work to this page. Have fun with this space!

Kia ora koutou!
This year I would like to focus on using lots of ICT ideas implemented into my programme. I would like to try out the pod cast programe, or at least using some kind of voice over so my kids can hear themselves. I would like to use kids pix in a more structured way, possibly use the slideshow. I would like to teach my kids how to email and also use the classroom computer to access online games and activities related to numeracy and literacy. In order to do this I will need support with time management and in class support to set up computers especially when logging on to the internet and possible technical problems. My kids love games so I think the online games will be a big hit, I would like to try the star fall programme as follow up sheets would also be good. Time permitting I would like to show my kids how to take good photos using the digital cameras and also use movie maker to capture some of the dance and drama that I intend to do this year. My challenge with ICT is the setting up and the teaching that needs to happen prior to the activities especially with juniors to enable my kids to use the programmes more independently. It would be cool to set up webcam and interact with another class similar to mine. Also more ideas to improve te reo Maori across the curriculum using ICT.

21/4 Hi Cherie, This is such a comprehensive list! Good to see you're interested in really experimenting with ICT this year. In terms of management of ICT with juniors, I tend to use the data projector to first demonstrate an activity to the kids in order to help them be independent when it is their turn on the computer. The brainstorm we did on how at the year group meeting to manage ICT is available here. I would also get your wiki up and running again in order to set up the links for the kids to click on to make accessing the online games easier. For ideas on Kidpix, the matrix of skills to develop with the kids that might help give it more structure is available here (the Point England junior strategy). Also I have a page about Kidpix on my wiki with tutorials and further ideas on how you might use it. I still think it would be good to get the Petone C immersion teachers and yourselves together to talk about how to get projects going such as the web cam idea. I'll try to organise it again. Finally, here are the links to some of the resources we discussed at the session we had: teaching video, Movie Maker tutorials, and the Point England mihi's using Comic Life and Flickr.

End of term two update!
Well lots has been happening in my class this term. I have set up a rotation on the classroom computer setting up different activities that I have added onto my long term plan that link in with what we are doing- so that is being used regularly.
I have used the data projector at least twice a week if not more in all curriculum areas. We had a focus on POWER as an inquiry study. As a whanau we used the whakatauki- Whaia te iti kahurangi ki te tuohu koe me he maunga teitei...We have the power to live life to its fullest potential... We invited tangata rongonui to come in and share their journies with us. We worked on micorsoft word to construct questions to ask. We video taped the interviews and were able to use this to recap on main points. We used the TKi website and data projector to view interviews of famous Maori sports people. We google searched images of the names of each Maunga and Awa and then used microsoft paint to paint our own maunga and pastel crayon and dye. We brainstormed common themes in all the korero and came up with whakapapa, being Maori and practising.
We wanted to be able to share all of this and part of our own power journeys with our whanau using photos, mihimihi, waiata and painting. We decided to use photostory and the end product was very powerful with the overlay of the voices over their singing and their pictures and photos. Parents then had the option to purchase these on CD.
We have just finished a couple of weeks on Matariki. We used the tki website once again to check out the interactives and then used Microsoft paint to reconsturct the night sky when Matariki appears. We used photostory to take pictures of the Melanie Drewery Book Matariki and had students read over the top with Matariki waiata in the background. We used this as a part of our opening night for our school Matariki celebrations- once again it was very powerful with a packed hall all blacked out watching the photostory. We were able to stop the story and another class did a play and the Poly club performed. We finished off with the last page of the photostory and a Matariki song. A couple of students taped it so working on getting that available for purchase too for future inquiry activities.
I am looking at podcasts for the ICT Expo so that will be another area that links in well with inquriy approach. I am regulary visiting Suzies site and have found this very helpful.

Sounds like you have been packing a lot in! have you managed to use your new wireless network- has that impacted on Teaching and Learning positively? You have really used integration to the max! Awesome job Cherie- any chance you could upload some of your work to here? Maybe link to your podcasts when you upload them?! Nigel Frater, Korokoro School

Kia ora Nigel, thanks for the feedback. The wireless network has been sooooooooo Awesome. Apart from not having to worry about the wires, it is awesome to be able to show kids things online from anywhere- Library, other rooms... We can show interactives from TKI, youtube whatever links in with our kaupapa can be shown in all rooms and even in assemblies. It has been useful to find Maori vocab using the online maori dictionary as well just type it in and its there. The fact that we can print straight from our laptops from anywhere means that we can really multi task! Another couple of pieces of ICT equipment that I have used alot is a boom box and headset mic. This has been perfect to teach waiata and actions in polyclub and even just to add some volume when teaching within our 2 class whanau.
I have just uploaded some stuff onto my room9wikispace- Its brand new! so I'll keep that up and I'm sure its going to be a great tool to bridge the communication between home and school.

The Wiki looks great- it is a great way to open up learning at home. Have you had a look at the BBC kids stuff to link to? It is great quality!