Hey Ang
Welcome to your teacher wiki page set up by Suzie. You were away for your first year group meeting and this is a space for you to update your ICT journey either in your classroom or your own personal journey.

It must be great to have access to the internet and we are working on getting your classroom computer connected.
By the end of week 7 you will be expected to update your ICT journey either personal or within your classroom.

What kinds of things are you trying with your kids? How do you manage this? What other "things" are you looking to do with them?
Ariana & Margaret

It has been a busy Term 3 ICT wise in Area 7! Woohoo my class FINALLY has a working class computer, we can print and go on the network! Amazing! The children are really excited about the computer and often telling me we should "google it" if we aren't sure of something! We are using our school computer pod more and the children have been really focused in using the computers during this time to find out facts about our Term 3 topics - Dinosaurs and the Senses. We continue to take photos and make stories with these to share with other classes. I have found Kid Pix to be great to quickly create publishing templates! Now I just need the children to learn how to turn on the computer and get through the many many passwords to get to the intranet, internet etc!!